Made in Madagascar

We are very proud of our made-in-Madagascar products. Not only are they made from amazing quality Madagascan Raffia; they are handcrafted, using techniques mastered by women on this stunning island.

Artistry shines through in everything Madagascan. The island has a truly unique culture, reflecting the diversity of the Madagascan people. Influenced by settlers from Southeast Asia as well as Africa, India and the Middle East, Madagascar has a language, and an array of traditions and craftsmanship all its own.

Malagasy, the national language of Madagascar is amazingly poetic. When in English we use the word, “dusk”, natives of Madagascar use the phrase “maizim-bava vilany” which means, “Lit when the mouth of the cooking pot is dark”. This charming art of expression is translated through the artist’s hands at work.

Vegetable pigment powder is carefully mixed into dies to obtain just the right colors. Once the died fibers have dried they are meticulously weaved, or crocheted, into stunning pieces. Like any true work of art, everything is done by hand and you won’t find two identical bags or hats – each is as unique and poetic as the person who made it.


Purchasing one of our raffia sun hats or beach bags helps the local economy in a very direct way, especially in the rural communities where the women who weave for us live - but also the hundreds of other people who supply and produce raw materials and components for the finished products.

The Phemke spirit is woven into these Madagascan treasures: supporting local communities and women, while using sustainable materials to create unique and stunning works of art!

Made-in-Madagascar is a purchase to be truly proud of.



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