What we believe in

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Our purpose

“Each product has a tale, a sense of place and a spirit woven into it”

Phemke’s purpose is to make people aware of the beauty of cultures around the world and appreciate craftsmanship with respect for people and environment. 

Our Story

The Phemke brand was launched by Femke Speelman in 2016. From the very beginning Femke's vision was clear; to create a fashion line that was ethically made, from only the highest quality natural materials, and at the heart of it all, she wanted to empower women, local communities and honor artisanal craftsmanship in Madagascar.

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Our mission

Our mission is to safeguard intangible heritage by co-designing and creating artisan-made apparel and accessories and empower and support artisans to become financially stable.

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100% artisan made

Proudly made by the lovely and talented hard working artisans in Madagascar.

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100% biodegradable

Pure and simple, our hats and bags contain sustainably harvested raffia and organic cotton labels only.

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100% raffia

Raffia is a natural fiber grown in Madagascar, it's beautiful and versatile at the same time.

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100% vegan

The best thing is, our hats and bags are made from natural materials only which makes our collections 100% vegan.

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