There’s nothing quite like a holiday…an escape from the hustle and bustle…from the rush hour that is our life. 

It’s a chance to forget the alarm clocks, deadlines and traffic. A chance to finally catch our breath…to stand still…and reconnect with our soul. 

And as our soul finds balance, harmony and happiness, our bodies seek to find beauty and inspiration.

Phemke is feel good resort wear at its most stylish. It’s clothing that captures the delicacy of sand and seashells, the vibrancy of turquoise seas, and the romance of faraway places. 

From hand-woven beach bags, to pure silk wraps, hand-stitched espadrilles, and towels created on traditional looms – every single Phemke product is authentic. 

And every time you wear a Phemke product, you relive that sublime moment of holiday happiness again and again. A moment filled with the sun kissing your skin, waves lapping against your feet, and the magic of exotic faraway places.