At Phemke we don’t just provide you with sophisticated resort wear. Each of our delicately crafted products comes with its own tale of elegance, heritage and craftsmanship. The Phemke range is designed by us and hand made in a number of communities across the world, honoring artisanal craftsmanship and encouraging local micro-industries to thrive. A holiday need not be a self-indulgent experience.  By buying from the Phemke range, you are not only treating yourself to unique pieces of resort wear, you are also contributing to local communities and helping them build a brighter future for all around them.



Dhurrie - Supporting women in Bangladesh

Originating in India, dhurrie is a distinctive traditional method of weaving bags and rugs. Our handcrafted beach and clutch bags are striking in design, vibrant in colour and most importantly, they are ethically sourced. 

Our range provides a source of income to women in rural communities and village artisans who are working hard to raise the living standards of their families and aspiring to  economic independence.



Batik – A Malaysian social enterprise

Batik is an ancient art that has been practiced for 2,000 years in Southeast Asia. This complex dyeing process creates beautiful, intricate designs that are unique to the region they come from and tell a story.

Our hand painted silk scarves and sarongs are designed by Phemke and made by artisans at Batik Boutique. This award-winning social enterprise was created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia by training women from low-income backgrounds to produce gifts and fashion accessories. These ladies become stake holders in the business and have a more equitable share of fruits of their labour.


Jute – Supporting financial independence

Our handmade jute bags come in a range of colours and sizes, offering the perfect accessory for the pool, beach or daily life. Phemke is committed to supporting women’s charities and causes and these bags are no exception.

We work with an NGO in Bangladesh which supports women who are either divorced or widowed and would otherwise lack the means to support their young families. Along with our partners, we have taught the ladies a trade through which they can become financially independent and build a more secure future.


Straw Hats - Made with love in Madagascar

The Phemke spirit is woven into these Madagascan treasures: supporting local communities and women, while using sustainable materials to create unique and stunning works of art!

Vegetable pigment powder is carefully mixed into dies to obtain just the right colours. Once the dyed fibers have dried they are meticulously woven, or crocheted, into stunning pieces. Like any true work of art, everything is done by hand and you won’t find two identical bags or hats – each is as unique and characterful as the person who made it.

Purchasing one of our raffia sun hats or beach bags helps local economies in a very direct way, especially in the rural communities where the women who weave for us live - but also the hundreds of other people who produce and supply raw materials and components for the finished products.


With the Phemke range, you not only take home a unique piece of fashion, you also support the communities who have hosted your holiday and help leave behind a legacy for the women striving for a better life for them and their loved ones.